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Thank you for your trust – Pranala Associates

We feel so proud to serve Pranala Associates who is based in a beautiful and architectural city of Indonesia, Bandung. Willertindo had been trusted to be their social media content manager and administrator.

PRANALA ASSOCIATES  provides Architecture, Interior Design,  Master Planning, Urban Design and Construction Administration Services. Their national project experience encompasses a broad spectrum of architectural and planning activities, including residential, commercial and retail. Each project is analyzed and designed within its specific local context to ensure that each solution is supported and strengthened by its context, as well as, each solution supporting and strengthening its surrounding context.

Their consistent approach to architecture, planning and design, begins with a clear understanding of their client’s directives. PRANALA ASSOCIATES has founded a benchmark by listening to and understanding their client’s needs and goals. They are committed to achieve the highest standards of design with the successful completion of each project, fully satisfying their client’s expectations.

PRANALA ASSOCIATES practice architecture, planning and design following the principles of function, beauty, economy and consequence. As the functional requirements of a project determine its usefulness and the beauty of a project is perceived as a notion of appropriateness, economy is generated through the acceptance of function and beauty within a problem and its solution. The consequences of a project are reflected in the level of accomplishment attained toward achieving personal satisfaction and project success.

Please do come to their website www.pranala-associates and witness their wonderful portfolios and also their endorsement from Indonesia Magazine to the world most visited architecture website www.archdaily.com.

Here are the beautiful publication/endorsement, international acknowledgement for Pranala Associates:

C + T Magazine

Arch Daily




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