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Social Media Engagement
Explaining the Why of Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement (SME) is the “stuff that happens” during your social media marketing campaigns. SME is an essential part of social media marketing. If you don’t connect with others in social networks and if they don’t respond to you – you don’t have engagement. Without engagement, you’re simply broadcasting messages that fall on deaf ears. Nobody wants that to happen, right? If you’re being thoughtful about the way you communicate with and connect with – others online, you’ll have greater success in reaching customers via SME.

You may be wondering why you should consider using SME. Maybe you’re satisfied with your current marketing strategies that involve concrete numbers and set dollar amounts. Maybe you’re advertising in traditional media such as print, television, or radio and even though you’ve witnessed it’s declining effectiveness over the years, it’s what you know.

Maybe you’re committed to advertising online with banner ads, skyscraper ads and interstitial (pop up) ads. Sure, the number of click-throughs on your ads has declined, but you chalk it up to people being busy with publishing their own content and being too distracted by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many more.

You might be even be concerned about losing control of your content or copyrights. Nobody fully controls information that’s published online. But in SME, you want people to spread your message, and you need to let them do it in their own ways.

This is why we do what we do, our team will help you to develop your social media accounts, which social media network to use for your business industry, planning the content, post the content at the right time. The world of marketing online as you once knew it has changed drastically since social networks entered the scene, and it’s changing even as you read our website.

Our Main Services:

– Social Media Development
– Social Media Curator (Content Creation, Content Planning, Caption Creation)
– Social Media Officer / Admin (Content Posting at the appropriate target time)

Goal of Our Service:

– Brand Awareness
– Social Media Engagement
– Generate Leads ( and convert them into sales for your business)

Public Figure
Agustin Ramli Social Media

Agustin Ramli Public Figure

 Shopping & Retail


 Apotik Pintar Sosial Media Admin Service     Apotik Pintar Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter

Apotik Pintar Sosial Media Admin Service – Click on the Image for Full Detail


Nae Agi Baby Shop

Nae Agi Baby Shop

Raja Teknologi

Raja Teknologi Automation Service

Pranala Associates Social Media

Pranala Associates Architect

Contractor / Interior Design
Kontraktor Interior Design

Graha Mulia Kontraktor Interior Design

Food & Restaurants
Ayam King Restaurant

Ayam King Restaurant

Our Main Services to Ayam King:

– Facebook
– Food Photograph

Conclusion – Testing, Testing, and Testing

To achieve anything on social media, you have to constantly test your content. The rules are changing all the time and you have to be prepared for anything.

Do you know what the big brands do that smaller brands don’t?

They’re running split tests, even during the good times. The biggest mistake a company can make is to only experiment when they need an increase in income. Lucrative (producing money or wealth) times should mean more testing not less.